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Shenzhen Yijin Investment Management Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 with registered capital of 10 million yuan, mainly engaged in custom fund project development, financial derivatives transactions, for high-end customers to provide asset management and wealth value-added services. A standardized, efficient and sound management system. The company adheres to the management concept of "diligence, honesty, professionalism and innovation", attaches great importance to the construction of internal management system and risk prevention mechanism, and consummates the institutionalized management system of standardized operation, efficient implementation and steady development. Company to risk control as the prerequisite, customer-focused, the pursuit of sustainable development, and strive to become the domestic first-class asset management service providers.

The most profitable areas are: custom fund project development, financial derivatives trading,We have always believed that to do a good job of investment management, subjective transactions alone is not enough, only rely on procedural transactions in order to achieve stable and sustained income. The company advocated system trading thinking, build profit model using the trading system. Adhering to the "tracking trends, band trading" investment philosophy, to achieve high odds rate prediction and judgments, continuous improvement of profit model, the use of financial mathematical tools, objective, systematic and scientific investment management to achieve the dream of wealth.

We have a variety of exchanges and cooperation with individual investors, private banks, investment funds, futures companies, guarantee companies and trust companies, which are based on the principle of mutual benefit, win-win situation and good network of people. We have the concept of "professional financial management, rational investment and good faith return" The relationship of cooperation allows the company to stand higher, do better.

We invite individual investors and high-value clients, individual family companies, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, donation funds and charitable funds and other individual investors and large institutional investors strategic cooperation to build a foothold in China's global service management services Business.

Founded in 2013 the first year of achieving more than 80% return on investment

2014 CCTV "influence dialogue" column group asset management industry partners

2015 "Chinese brand influence upgrade plan" recommended enterprises

2016 Shenzhen Qianhai equity trading center "new four board" listed companies: 667079

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Shenzhen Qianhai equity trading center "new four board" listed companies: 667079